Sunday, May 28, 2006

yo? wa me to? i made a braclet that said that a couple of days ago.
oh and i gave my teacher a braclet that i made in class when i wasnt paying attention. and then told him that i made it while i wasnt paying attention. he said, thank you shawna. i was like, ya thats right, you touched my bottom. *tee hee.
umm, im fucking bored, probably going to phone zac'spussy phone and see what hes up to today. i hope hes not working. in which case i have to find a new friend. shit. anyways, i should go pretend im doing something meaningful with my family. but im really not going to. umm. uhh...ummm...a record?
fuck. okay my feet are cold, im getting angry because im bored. i wonder who makes a swear word a swear word. and why cant i swear at more people while walking down the street. oh ya, because im tiny and defensless.
haha. ya right. but i am bored. so i will go and no longer make lists without numbers. have a good day all. love and licks.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

well, its sunday the 14th and the ant situation in my appartment has led me to look for lodging else where. if any of you know of any sweet apartments for rent with no flying ant infestation, please let me know. this has gotten really out of hand, anyways, i shall be off.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

well, it has been a week since i was arrested. lost my job. and had four professionals tell my parents that im not a drug addict. they still said it wasnt good enough. i had to take out my horizontal lip piercing. which really pissed me off. all because some ass hole with a small penis told my sister some lies. i dont need to say names, he knows who he is. on a happier note, i get to go to infected mushroom. which will be total and utter mayhem. if its not i will make it. ohh bad zombie killa. anyways. im fucking bored at school. probably just failed a bio test, watching some fucked up movie about STI's in life transitions. which means im getting some shut eye. umm, what else is new. im looking at cas, she looks fabulous as always. im feeling mighty good looking today as well. its saras birthday tomorrow. shes asking me about a rum diary. of some sort. maybe i should write a book called the tequila diaries. that would be crunked up. but interesting none the less. as long as my parents didnt know it was my diary. im getting really excited about connect this summer. it shall be grand. skarry mcdizzle and i plan to stray from the group for some intense iinsanity for a night and probably half a day. end up passed out in a tree. anyways, i should do something useful with my time, although that is terribly unlikely. maybe i should go strong arm a ho. later.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

well. im sitting in the library and caswell is studying for math behind me. really shes talking to jon. i think she just said something about being dominant. how sexy. tee hee. i had some sexy party time this morning. it was fun, really distracted me for my history final though. which i may have failed. but it doesnt matter because i had a good mark in the class. im also wearing the same clothes i wore yestarday. i may be running out of clean clothes. this is no good. no good at all. anyways, i hear that someone now has a new blog complaining about my friends old blog. oh and the neck hickeys are gone. i have one small on my arm i think. i dont know why the arm, i guess im just that sexy.
anyways. im so bored. i printed some rainbow bright pictures today. maybe ill colour them later. maybe ill get my colouring books from my house. it sounds like a party! oh and i might be eating some pizza this evening. on some pizza! lol. i hope its a good time. i dont have any finals tomorrow. and nothing to do until like 5 when i go to look at an apartment for myself. well, with my dad. hmm, what else is new and interesting and exciting? not much i dont think. oh that guy has a bright orange bunny hug.
smrt! i am so smart!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

the best person i know left so she can do something amazing with her life. shes only been gone for a few hours, and i miss her like crazy. i dont know what im going to do without her. i dont know how to deal with this just yet. karen, i love you with all my heart. i miss you so much.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

i have just recieved a dare from vicki. i have to wear no bra and give someone "special" a sneak peak. i have decided to accept the dare and do it saturday at the regina party. i do not know who it will be yet, but i can assure you, someone will have a story to tell. i have to come up with a dare for her to do before the end of the day as well. hmm...what could be as interesting as this? tee hee...

Friday, September 30, 2005

ArE yOu A sToNeR??

1) have you ever smoked pot by yourself? Why yes, as a matter of fact I have, although I don’t like to smoke alone often

2)have you ever had to be fed a toke because you are unable to hold the pipe/joint? Many a time I have asked friends to toke me up, mostly because my hands were full. And once I couldn’t hold my own pipe.

3) have you ever answered your parents question with umm.....uhh....ummm...what was the question? In fact I did that last night. A couple of times.

4) have you ever noticed that you are covered in ash in a public place? All the time. Im like a little chimney sweep

5)have you ever been in a room where everyone forgot if you paid the dealer? No but I have been in the room and couldn’t remember if someone else paid the dealer.

6) have you found things that you completely had forgot about a month after you put it there for safe keeping? Yes. I often hide things of importance. I hide them so well, even I don’t know where they are.

7) have you ever given up a possesion cause you too lazy to go get it? Yes.

8) have you ever forgotten a friend and drove away? No, but I have forgotten friends and walked away.

9) have you ever got stuck on a word such as gazeabo (?) or harassss, or perched? I get stuck on harassss and sassyfrasss.

10) have you ever thought about the texture of colors? or the taste of them? I have thought of the smell of colours.

11) how do they get that little sailboat in there anways? I. Don’t. Know.

12) how much would you pay for shawna? im looking to lease? What the fuck…I am Shawna!

13) have you ever gotten stoned just so you could stand someone? Not that I remember. Oh wait, yes I have.

14) do you know what the following things are/are for:
a water pitcher and half a coke bottle: gravity bong.
isopropanol 99%: to make oil / clean a pipe.
blueberry: a very tasty weed.
silver bullets: when you wrap resin in tinfoil and put it in your pipe and smoke it.
zoomers: mushrooms!
bounce sheets and a paper tube: the bouncinator. You blow smoke in it so your parents don’t smell the ganja.
1 can of butane: to make quick good oil with.

15) have you ever broke out into a song or rap and not realize how loud you are? Often. Usually in school.

11-15 yeses or whatever else anwer you put. besides no that is. congratulations you are a stoner! otherwise known as a pothead, burnout or gange rocker! youve passed that doochie to the left so many times that now like zoolander you can't turn right. you say words like ya man, sweet, dude, totally, rock on, and groovy in excess so that you forget how to speak properly. what is properly anyways?? overrated thats it. you are a fiend. <3

6-10 yeses. you are somewhat knowlegable of the cheebas. you embarass yourself less while stoned in public but you still pass out after the third or fourth bowl im guessing. well i can't really be sure, i was told im psychic but you can't trust cartoons who appear on mushrooms. anyways talk to your local potheads for more info on the joys of stonerdom.

0-5 ah cops and squares alert! how did they get this document!?